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Education and Culture

We base our view on a holistic education vision and create practices to help individuals feel fulfilled. We promote integral processes that focus on developing intellectual capacities, skills and values that will be useful to the individual when socially integrating.

Accordingly, we promote access to education through an educational project developed by the inhabitants of the community, integrating cultural elements of Mayan traditions in order to promote their appreciation.


  • Educational Spaces: We create workshops in open spaces as a strategy to integrate the population into larger educational projects arising from their needs.

    • Results:
      • 11 summer courses since 2003, benefiting 500 children and youth.

  • Community Libraries: We adapt spaces with bibliographical and audiovisual collections to transform them into education areas. We implement entertaining workshops to facilitate access to information technologies, encourage reading, games, and artistic and cultural activities. This way the library becomes a stimulating open space to young children and adults.

    • Results:
      • 8 libraries with trained personnel, equipped with bibliographical and teaching materials and equipment to access information technology.
      • 20,800 users annually.
      • 7 communities with internet access.

  • Mobile Library: In partnership with Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú, A.C., we provide access to books in areas of high and very high marginalization. We promote reading in a friendly and entertaining way, encouraging the formation of Children and Youth Committees.

    • Results:
      • 266 workshops in 74 communities
      • 7,312 users benefited since 2007.
      • Annual participation in the FILEY (International Reading Fair in Yucatán)
      • During the State Reading Conference in Yucatán, the Mobile Library was involved in the municipality of Chemax, visiting adults and schools of the area.

  • College Scholarships: We grant financial support to young people of the communities so that they can access, attend and complete higher education.

    • Results:
      • 81 scholarships for college studies since 2010.
      • 34 undergraduates.

  • Literacy for Adults: We contribute to literacy, helping youth and adults to finish basic education. In order to achieve it, we built strategic alliances with public sector institutions.

    • Results:
      • 1,866 adults have joined education programs in 6 communities.
      • We have created partnerships with the IEAEY (Institute for Adult Education in the State of Yucatán), the CONEVyT (National Education Council for Life and Work) and the CEBA (Adult Basic Educaton Centers).

  • Culture Recovery: So as to promote the appreciation of Mayan culture we created community museums and seek to preserve traditions, such as the Hanal Pixán (Day of the Dead) altars, Jarana (regional dance), and language recovery.

    • Results:
      • Since 2005, we have promoted the Janal Pixán (Day of the Dead) altar exhibit –300 people from 7 communities have participated
      • We held 71 workshops promoting art and culture with a total of 1441 participants
      • We designed Mayan language workshops in 4 communities, benefiting 32 children and adolescents
      • We implemented a Jarana workshop for seniors, benefiting 10 participants
      • We organized cultural and artistic evenings, bringing pre-Hispanic music concerts, painting, film cycles and talks about multiculturalism to three communities


Mobile Library (FHMM) Donation of Samsung computers