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Health and Nutrition

Due to the lack of access to healthcare and medicine in the communities and their high cost, we created the Primary Health Care program. We recovered the traditional herbal and Mayan medicine. The objective is to strengthen the overall health of families and improve access to primary care –in order to achieve it we establish Health Clinics, increase the knowledge of local assistants in Mayan and herbal medicine, and provide allopathic care.


  • Health Clinics: We initiated the recovery of traditional knowledge and support the communities by creating Health Clinics, which provide the infrastructure to implement the Primary Health Care program. Local assistants and doctors practice traditional medicine as well allopathic medical care to ensure the prevention and early detection of diseases –such as diabetes, cancer and hypertension. The Health Clinics count with a general physician who gives biweekly consultations, and a promoter or local assistant who provides ongoing care.

    • Results:
      • 12 communities apply our Health Program benefiting 4,219 people
      • 7 Health clinics operated by local health assistants
      • 2 demonstration plots of medicinal plants and a botanical garden to promote Mayan physiotherapy
      • We provided 25,338 consultations from 2004 to 2013

  • Recovery of traditional medicine and health assistants training: We identify the traditional physicians in the communities so as to teach them on how to create herbariums and demonstration gardens in order to preserve biological diversity and local knowledge. We validate the knowledge of traditional physicians with high quality scientific research, and help them upgrade the practice to a social and economic level. We created a Traditional Medicine network so that knowledge can be shared and systematized through manuals, guides, herbaria, and other publications promoting the practice; also the people interested in traditional medicine can be trained by their community physician.

    • Results:
      • We created a network of traditional medicine with 15 members from different communities who meet twice a year to exchange experiences and share their knowledge

  • Fight malnutrition: In the Health Clinics, we annually check of the weight and height of children and pregnant women. In cooperation with local assistants, we design strategies to support government programs, so that cases of malnutrition can be addressed.

    • Results:
      • We have managed to reduce infant mortality in children aged 5 years and younger to 0% in 7 communities
      • We reduced child malnutrition from 14% in 2005 to 1.2% in 2011; the statewide rate in Yucatán is 19.6%*.
        * INSP (National Institute of Public Health), 2012; National Health and Nutrition Survey (Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutrición 2012). Results by state, Yucatán. Cuernavaca, Mexico: INSP (National Institute of Public Health), 2013. Available at:

  • Hygiene, nutrition and health campaigns: As a result of the work carried out with health assistants from the “Oportunidades” program and their incorporation in a network, we promote scheduled actions to do several campaigns promoting health insurance such as oral and hair hygiene in schools –involving teachers and parents; community cleaning campaigns (descacharrización) to prevent diseases such as dengue; workshops of how to enclose backyard animals –in order to prevent diseases like chagas; rabies vaccination and sterilization campaigns for cats and dogs; and awareness campaigns for an early detection of uterine, breast, and prostate cancer. These campaigns are scheduled by health assistants based on the needs of the community.

    • Results:
      • 50 annual hygiene, nutrition and health campaigns with 4,500 attendees.

  • Donation of eyeglasses: For the implementation and management of this program we consolidate Health Committees in two communities. The program consists in performing eye exams and donating eyeglasses and lenses.


Health Clinics and Herbal Mayan Medicine (FHMM)