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Human Development

We raise awareness in order to encourage the communities to participate, create a shared vision for the future and a come up with selection of strategies to materialize it. We strengthen the individual, group and collective capacities so as to achieve an Integral Development of the entire community.


  • Human Development Workshops: We work both individual and group level. We strengthen personal qualities such as self-esteem, communication, emotional management, teamwork, leadership, role playing, conflict resolution, and initiatives formulation.

    • Results:
      • 200 workshops on personal and organizational development per year

  • Network Promotion: We build health, education and artisanal networks in order to share work experiences that endorse horizontal learning, recognition of best practices and regional sustainability of development initiatives.

    • Results:
      • 33 Thematic Networks = Health, Education, Housing, and Environment with 146 participants

  • Citizen Committees: We encourage the integration of grassroots organizations, so that they take responsibility for the management of local projects. They represent the interests of the community among public and private institutions.

    • Results:
      • 191 community leaders.
      • 9 Citizens Committees formed

  • DESCUBRE Life Skills Program: We work on cognitive, emotional, and social development of children, so that each of them can grow up as a person responsible to her/himself and towards her/his environment, as a person that fosters cooperation and care for the others.

    • Results:
      • 116 children from 8 communities benefited since 2008

  • School for Parents: We improve parents' personal development by encouraging them to get involved in their children's education and to support them in different stages of their development.

    • Results:
      • Since 2006, 1,017 parents from 13 communities developed abilities to educationally and emotionally support their children

  • Human Development Course: We organize a formal course to train social promoters at the Universidad Marista, in Partnership with the CDC (Community Developmet Center) and Universidad Iberoamericana, to enhance personal and professional development of the FHMM team, having the opportunity to dialogue with other institutions and individuals that encourage social participation and community organization in order to manage development programs.


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