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Mission and Vision


Know and understand in order to transform
To serve as a link between the present and the past of the Mayan world by generating new opportunities for individual and social development and finding a balance between the cultural wealth and the possibilities of sustainable economic development.


Strengthening identity in order to produce sustainable development
Generate actions that promote local identity, recognition and recovery of the Mayan cultural expressions, overcoming extreme poverty by furthering education health and sustainable development opportunities while involving the local population as promoters of their own social development.




Promote the respect and value of the local cultural heritage by integrating it in the creation of development strategies.

Promote local participation and capacity building in order to generate organization and management processes, prioritizing local initiatives.

Co-finance 50% of the projects by creating alliances with recognized public and private institutions that are committed to endorse FHMM initiatives.

Participate in programs and projects of other public and private organizations to complement and strengthen our Integral Development Program.

Promote the participation of university students in FHMM programs, prioritize new generations living in the communities and provide experiences that reinforce their social commitment; know, respect and value their cultural diversity.

• Stimulate the skills and professional development of the FHMM team.




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