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Natural Resources

We seek to incorporate the importance of environmental impact, sustainable use of natural resources and respect for the environment in each of our interventions.


  • Solid Waste Management Plans: We design systems for solid waste management, collection and disposal –based on good practice with the inhabitants.

    • Results:
      • 10 communities have Waste Management Plans

  • Descacharrizaciones – community cleaning: We support the implementation of annual campaigns for environmental sanitation. As part of this project, an external and internal cleaning is carried out in homes, public areas and streets, as well as sanitation processes in wells for water consumption.

    • Results:
      • 22 annual cleaning campaigns promoted by local health assistants in 12 communities of Yucatán and Campeche since 2003

  • Reforestation: Through sustainable use oriented campaigns, we donate forest species to both backyard gardens and community areas.

    • Results:
      • Through the Botanical Garden, we donated more than 10,000 plants for backyard gardens and as Health Clinics supply

      • We have reforested 13 communities, planting around 10,028 trees since 2002

  • Family orchards: We encourage the creation of backyard gardens to improve the diet of the residents and take advantage of local resources.

    • Results:
      • 318 families in 14 communities have created a backyard garden to grow fruits and vegetables for home consumption

  • Community orchards: We set up gardens to produce vegetables that are sold locally, contributing to food security of the residents.

  • Zoonosis Campaigns: Together with the municipalities, we conduct campaigns to apply rabies vaccines and deworm dogs and cats in the community.

    • Results:
      • Since 2005, more than 33 cleaning (descacharrizaciones) and zoonoses campaigns for dogs and cats have been carried out in order to promote environmental sanitation.

  • Ecotechnologies: In the community of San Antonio Yaxché we installed biodigesters so that natural gas can be sustainably used for cooking, diminishing the use of wood and charcoal, and promoting a cleaner environment through the management of 33% of the community pigs so as to produce compost for family orchards.

    • Results:
      • 15 families have biodigesters that allow them to use gas in a sustainable way. The project benefits 78 people, decreasing the use firewood by 95% in each family.

  • Botanical Garden: We created a Botanical Garden in 2004 to rescue, spread, and promote 283 medicinal, ornamental, and aromatic native plant species, identified with its botanical names in Spanish, English and Maya. It is registered since 2007 as an Environmental Management Unit, by Semarnat.

    • Results:
      • Annual donation of over 1,000 medicinal plants to Health Clinics.
      • Has more than 230 species and is certified as UMA (Management Unit for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wildlife) by SEMARNAT (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico).

  • Environmental Education: Since 2003, we organize summer courses for children to promote the conservation of the environment. We give talks and workshops to orient environmental education toward sustainability. We teach environmental values trough work in school orchards.

    • Results:
      • 11 Summer Courses with nearly 500 children and youth who attended workshops on environmental care and local culture recovery since 2003.


Family Orchards (FHMM) Biobolsa Community Orchards School Orchards Community Project with Temozón animals Biogas System